What to Bring

We’re pretty well setup and that means you don’t have to take a whole lot…which makes any walking much easier!


You will need to bring sheets (or sleeping bag liner or sleeping bag) and a pillow case for each person staying.

There are plenty of pillows, rugs and duvets up at the hut already (enough for every bed) so you don’t need to take any extra bedding.

Bring whatever you need in the way of towels and toiletries. We have a washing machine for emergencies, but that is normally only used for hut jobs (i.e. tea towels and shower mats etc).


Don’t forget all your ski clothes! You don’t need a whole lot of spare clothes, but you will want something comfortable to change into after skiing. 

The hut is always toasty warm when the fire’s going so you don’t need lots of extra jumpers. If anything gets wet the drying room will sort it out overnight. The lighter you pack the easier it is to get it all up to the hut. 

Do bring a pair of slippers or shoes to keep by your bed in case of fire emergency.


DO NOT bring a suitcase, or a wheely bag, unless you enjoy making life really difficult!

A pack or something you can wear on your back, with your arms free, is what you need for this skiing holiday.

50m doesn’t sound far to walk from the top of the first chair to the hut, but it is when you’re humping 2 roll-bags, 1 carry bag, several sets of kids skis…and it’s minus 15 degrees with wind chill!


The only additional food you need to bring is that favourite snack you can’t do without!

We stock the hut with non-perishables over summer, and order in all the rest from Bidfood on a weekly basis during the season.

That covers three meals a day, and whatever you need in between to keep your energy up. Our booking officer does a phenomenal job keeping the pantry stocked and it’s unlikely you’ll ever go hungry!


You’re more than welcome to bring up your own wine or beer* or spirits if you wish.

We have a canteen with the usual range of soft drinks brands and a few snacks (i.e. chocolate and crisps). You just pay for what you’ve used at the end of your stay (click here).

* You might find beer cans a whole lot lighter than beer bottles to carry up to the hut…but you do you!!


Cooking and eating at the hut is communal, so if you have specific food needs or allergies, best to talk to our booking officer (bookings@wssc.co.nz).

The booking officer can tell you what we can and can’t cater for relative to your needs, and therefore what you need to bring yourself on the food front.

For example, if the booking officer knows there’s gluten free people up at the hut, you might find there’s GF bread or similar ordered at the same time as your stay!

Pro tip

For a stress free experience getting to the hut, aim for this:

a). One back pack for you.
b). One back pack for each kid…if you have them!
c). N
othing in anyone’s hands but skis/poles/snowboard.